Phuc Tue Center and Bode Long Bien: Engaging Volunteer Teaching

As a volunteer teacher, you'll have the flexibility to teach subjects aligned with your skills and interests. This could include math, science, geography, and more. Many volunteers also participate in extra-curricular activities like sports, drama, or music. Typically, volunteers teach English or French in Vietnamese educational institutions, ranging from kindergarten to tertiary levels. Their role is crucial, as many local schools lack teachers proficient in English or French, limiting students' advancement in these languages. Volunteers enhance students' vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills, assist in classroom management, and organize engaging activities. Working hours vary by placement, averaging three to six hours per day.

No specific qualifications or previous teaching experience are required for these roles, though some placements might have specific experience requirements.

In addition to regular school duties, volunteers are invited to join our French or English communication classes for local children and students, organized once or twice a year, typically in the summer. These projects offer volunteers a chance to hone their teaching skills by working independently, creating lesson plans, and designing classroom activities.