“The first time I went to Bode was like an electro-choc and I will never forget it. I still clearly remember it was in November, 2012. The yellow buildings, the kids shouting, running, playing in the playground… There was a lot of happiness in such a poor situation. The kids were amazing, lovable, they feared nothing, they were seeking for love, attention… It is why I felt so well when I was with them and decided to come back and spend at least one week every year in BODE. I kept my promise when visiting them last December and I am supposed to return this November. I am deeply in love with the kids and the place.


From the morning when you help them to wash their teeth, their face while they want to play with the water... that first contact is amazing and funny. Then you ask them to prepare the school room (tables, chairs) and start school activities : mathematics, English or pencil coloring for the youngest. Afternoon is dedicated to games and activities. Hence we prepared with the kids a choreography, we bought some costumes and taught them a dance. It was a memorable moment since they danced in the middle of the orphanage with the nannies and the monks as the main audience. They were so proud in their princess costumes for the girls and spider man for the boys…


They are learning very fast and are enthusiast for any new game or activities. It is great to stimulate them by reading a story with a book and singing a song (even a French song like “meunier tu dors” which they know by heart now !)


Xuan, is an excellent teacher, that not only try to give to these unlucky kids some English & mathematics basics but also give them rules, attention, structure . These kids are lucky to have such a great person to take care about them.

Anyway, spending even few days with them is strong emotionally. You can see how they become attached to us and us to them The last day is the most sadly one :( All the kids were around me, saying goodbye “Fabbiieee” and me crying because they are really great and nice kids.      

I strongly recommend to anyone that would be able to spend even one week in Hanoi to go to BODE and help Xuan with the kids. It is something that you will never forget.

My last message is simple : Please go to BODE and help Xuan to take care about these kids that have nothing. You can bring them a lot!


May 5th, 2015