1.    Our Goals and Missions

Our mission at VVCD is to foster voluntary work that cultivates cultural exchange and friendship, focusing on aiding the disadvantaged. We strive to support our local communities and vulnerable children. Renowned for offering affordable volunteer travel in Vietnam, VVCD partners directly with local organizations. This approach not only keeps our fees affordable but also ensures they contribute meaningfully to community projects and local employment.

2.    Our Values

We, alongside our partners and volunteers, are dedicated to supporting children and adults in need. Our resources may be limited, but the collective efforts of our enthusiastic volunteers enable us to bring joy and relief to those with disabilities or daily life challenges.

We hold ourselves and our partners to high standards, constantly seeking to enhance the quality of our work for vulnerable children and adults.

VVCD is committed to innovation, welcoming new ideas, adapting to change, and pursuing sustainable solutions for and with vulnerable individuals.

3.    Who We Are Looking For

We seek international volunteers driven by a genuine passion for helping others. We offer not just reasonable prices, but also complete support, safety, and a memorable experience. Our activities span care, education, health, community development, and more. Our aim is to improve the education and living conditions of those facing challenges in Vietnamese society. International volunteers are crucial in introducing fresh perspectives to locals, fostering cultural exchange, enhancing education, and helping to transform negative habits and practices that impact the health, knowledge, and skills development of the vulnerable.