Join Our Team: Local Volunteers Needed for Care Project

VVCD is actively seeking local volunteers to assist our international volunteers at the Bode Pagoda care project.

  • Working Venue: Bode Pagoda
  • Working Hours: Choose full-time (8 AM-11 AM; 2 PM-4 PM) or part-time, Monday to Friday
  • Job Description:

•    Collaborate with international volunteers to organize activities for children.
•    Assist in interpretation and translation tasks, including document translation and aiding communication between foreign volunteers, children, and nannies.
•    Teach Vietnamese to international volunteers when possible.
•    Exchange ideas and collaborate on initiatives with international volunteers.
•    Perform other support tasks as required.
•    Good English communication skills.
•    Enthusiastic, flexible, and highly responsible attitude.
•    Preference for applicants with prior experience in volunteer work involving children.

To apply, please send your CV to Ms. Xuan at
We encourage inquiries about the position.
Thank you,