Bo De  Pagoda in Vietnamese is “Chua Bo De”. It is a Buddhist temple, located in Long Bien district, Hanoi city, Vietnam. Originally it was a buddhist religious place for people to come and pray and hold religious function, especially on New Year 1stJanuary lunar calendar. Buddhists call it “di chua” it is like “go to church”. Over time, however, Bo de Pagoda has changed, it is not only a buddhist religious place it also became a home for people and orphans who do not have anywhere to go. Sometimes, babies and small children are left at the gate of the Pagoda and this is happening more often, therefore Bo De Pagoda set up an orphanage and have nannies living and working there to raise the children up, teaching them like at a childcare centre and kindergarten. The numbers of children has grown over time therefore the Pagoda sometimes lack the labour, luckily they have international volunteers available to help. Here are some activities of Volunteers and children at Bode Pagoda 

major role of  VVCD (Volunteers in Vietnam for Community Development) there is a connection between the Pagoda and The volunteers all around the world. Volunteers who wish to volunteer for a short period of time they can contact us via our website and we will help them to complete necessary administration procedures and registration to make sure that when they arrive in Vietnam they can straight away start their work at orphanages with the children. More details about what we do for international volunteers can be found here