VVCD has a variety of philanthropic, volunteer and community trips that combine with other travel activities. Our trips not only let travelers immerse in the beautiful natural scenery, they also act as "BRIDGES" to provide direct donations and joy to the needy and the unfortunate ones in Vietnam. Besides, travelers will have a chance to get to know about the local culture and lifestyle from the native village people. The main purpose are to provide voluntary donations for the education, healthcare, community and social development for the disadvantaged children, orphanage centres, kindergartens, less fortunate and needy villages in remote areas.

Please keep in mind that we organize charity trips for non-profit purposes. Our aim is to share the life of the unfortunate to you and help those who are in need to overcome their daily obstacles. We will assist you to connect and interact side-by-side with the local people, orphanages, make direct contributions like monetary donations, food, medicines, books, computers, blankets, toys for the kids and all other daily essentials.

VVCD currently organizes the following trips: