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"Captures Your Heart - Recommend My Friends"

Fabie (France)


Absolutely amazing experience! This place absolutely captures your heart and the VVCD staff are absolutely brilliant. As heartbreaking as the place may be, it is great having some long term volunteers there to give a perspective on how much things have improved already... (Read more)

"Incredible Time, Rewarding Experience"

Alice (Italy)


I had the most enlightening and eye opening experience I had yet to have in my 24 years existence. I enjoyed the place and being there with the kids so much, the VVCD staff were excellent. I would certainly recommend this program for others... (Read more)

"Unforgettable experience"

Catherine (Ireland)


Going to Vietnam to do voluntary work is hands down the best decision I could ever have made... (Read more)

"Amazing & Life-Changing Experience"

Jarrah (Australia)


Volunteering in Vietnam is the best decision I’ve ever made...(Read more)

Beautiful and memorable moments. It's not a "Goodbye", it's a "See u again"

Sebastian (Germany)


Every future volunteer should know that, although that place is, due to the kindergarten, a happy place, these children are alone and cannot be considered being really lucky. This place needs the volunteer’s courage and help to make it a bit better, for the sake of the children...(Read more)

"Best experience"

Indra (Netherlands)


Anyhow as a volunteer you can really make a difference for the children in Bo De. By taking care of the children and by teaching the children you can really help the nannies and the children. I can speak from my own experience that Bo De is an amazing place where help is definitely needed...(Read more)



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