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Volunteer in Vietnam for Community Development

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Who are we?

Volunteer in Vietnam for Community Development (VVCD) is a Vietnamese owned and start-up social enterprise that provides help and education to those who are most in need in both urban and rural Vietnam. Our mission is to promote voluntary work and to attract international and local volunteers, with the primary aim of nurturing cultural and educational exchange, friendship while caring for disadvantaged people.

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Focus areas & activities

VVCD has 3 focus areas: care, teaching and community development. Within these areas, activities include caring for children and individuals with disabilities, teaching foreign languages, health and environment education, working with local NGOs, etc.



VVCD provides unique programs to those who have a true compassion to help others, including individual, work camp programs and charity tours. The programs are either located in Hanoi or the surrounding areas.


We heart Volunteering with VVCD


Absolutely amazing experience! This place absolutely captures your heart and the VVCD staff are absolutely brilliant. As heartbreaking as the place may be, it is great having some long term volunteers there to give a perspective on how much things have improved already. - Fabie, French Volunteer.


I had the most enlightening and eye opening experience I had yet to have in my 24 years existence. I enjoyed the place and being there with the kids so much, the VVCD staff were excellent. I would certainly recommend this program for others. - Alice, Italian Volunteer.


Going to Vietnam to do voluntary work is hands down the best decision I could ever have made. I took the opportunity to volunteer in an orphanage in Hanoi for two summers, working alongside some truly amazing people with the most inspirational group of kids. - Catherine, Irish volunteer.

Volunteering in Vietnam is the best decision I’ve ever made. There are so many opportunities to make a difference to the lives of the children in Bo De Pagoda. I would encourage anybody with a big heart and a love for children to volunteer and assist the fabulous staff members of VVCD at Bo De. This amazing experience was definitely life changing and will never be forgotten. - Jarrah, Australian volunteer.


In the end I have to say, that my time in Vietnam was one of the best in my life so far. Not only because I met so many nice people and was able to travel the whole country on the weekends, but because of the memories I have with these children. Every child there needs attention and helps and gives much more back than a smile or a hand. It helps to get a new perspective on life and is able to change views. - Sebastian, Germany volunteer.


I can speak from my own experience that Bo De is an amazing place where help is definitely needed. Your help will be very appreciated. The kids are amazing! They need people who take care of them and people who learn them important things of life. - Indra, Dutch volunteer.


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Volunteer in Vietnam for Community Development

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Office address: No 21A, Lane 150, Hoa Bang Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84 947 382 296/ 979 342 213
Email: info@vvcd.org/ info.vvcd.org@gmail.com