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Local Volunteer Recruitment


VVCD is currently recruiting local volunteers to support our foreign volunteers in a care project.

* Working venue: Bode Pagoda

* Working hour: either full-time (8AM-11AM; 2PM-4PM) or part-time; from Monday to Friday

* Job description:

   - Working alongside with the foreign volunteers to organize activities/exercises for children

   - Assisting the foreign volunteers with the interpretation and translation work: translating documents, helping foreign volunteers communicate with the kids and nannies

   - Teaching Vietnamese to foreign volunteers when possible

   - Exchanging ideas with foreign volunteers

   - Other supporting tasks when requested

* Requirements:

   - Have fairly good English communication skill

   - Be enthusiastic, flexible and highly responsible

   - Priorities go to applicants with previous experience in volunteer work with children

If you are interested in applying, please send your CV to Ms. Thao (Genneral Officer) at info.vvcd.org@gmail.com

We welcome any questions regarding the position.

Thank you,

VVCD team



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